Unique Baby Shower Games

Games can be one of the highlights of a baby shower, especially when you offer games that are new and different. To know how to make your shower refreshingly different (rather than, “what on earth was she thinking?!?” different), it’s important to consider who’ll be attending.

So, for example, what percent of guests will know one another? If the percentage is high, then forget about ice-breaking games that help to introduce guests, and focus instead on ones that can deepen friendships and camaraderie. If, though, plenty of guests will be meeting one another for the first time, then consider some simple ice-breaking shower games.

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Ice-Breaking Baby Shower Games

#1 — The name of this game is called Stand Up, Sit Down, you create a list of items that may or may not be true about guests. Sample topics to consider include for a guest to stand if:

  • your name begins with A, B, or C
  • your birthday is during the first week of a month
  • you’re married

You can tailor questions for your audience, and leave time for people to discuss answers. After all, this is to break the ice! If you know that older relatives would struggle to stand up and then sit back down multiple times, change it to raising and lowering your hand.

#2 — If you plan to have guests who haven’t met before, ask each person to bring his or her own baby picture. Place them in a central spot and have everyone try to match the photos with the right guest. You can find more baby shower games at MustelaUSA.com.

Games Requiring Lots of Movement

#3 — LivingLocurto.com offers plenty of fun baby shower games, including one where guests try to diaper a baby doll while wearing a blindfold. To up the ante, the writer suggests having guests diaper a balloon—using cloth diapers and safety pins!

#4 — Then there’s the toilet paper diaper race where guests form into teams. Each team receives a roll of toilet paper and has two minutes to diaper one member of their team with that toilet paper. The team with the best diaper creation wins!

More Fun Games to Consider

#5 — Since you know that Mom is eager to see what her new baby looks like, have guests draw Baby’s First Portrait on a plate, using their own foreheads as the hard drawing surface. At the end, the mother-to-be chooses which drawing will be the winner.

#6 — For this baby food tasting game, you have each guest choose a partner. One member of each duo is blindfolded, while the second person feeds samples of ten different baby foods for the blindfolded person to try. Each team tries to guess the flavors—and, even if the guesses aren’t the best, it can be “hilarious to watch people’s reactions.”

#7 — For this next game, let your guests show off their knowledge of baby-related items. Place a different item into ten numbered bags; one bag can contain a pacifier, for example, while another one can have a diaper. Each guest reaches into each bag (no peeking!) to touch each item, writing down guesses.

#8 — Create your own version of the Price is Right. Buy a dozen baby items that the expecting parents can use. Make sure you know the price of each item, and have guests guess what they are. At the end of the game, the winner that chooses correct the most gets a prize and the parents-to-be get the baby items that were part of the game.

#9 — Set up a late night diaper changes station with newborn diapers and provide permanent markers in different colors. Each guest can write messages to the new parents on a diaper. They can be jokes or words of encouragement—whatever strikes the fancy of each guest. Give the diapers to the expecting parents for late-night diaper changes. The messages are sure to give them a smile during the many wee-hour diaper changes in their future.

Choosing Your Baby Shower Venue

Consider Thrasher-Horne Center for your event venue. Our center is the perfect venue rental for a baby shower, whether you are planning an intimate shower or a large event where plenty of friends and family will gather together to celebrate the upcoming birth. We’ll configure the room to your specifications with customized seating, and do the furniture setup and breakdown so you can focus on enjoying your event.

We offer ample free parking with easy access to the Center, plus free WiFi, adjustable lighting, and more. You can choose your own caterer or use one of our recommended vendors, rent sound equipment and so much more. Find information about how to rent our venue for your baby shower here or call 904-276-6815, ext. 2.


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